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Safety- People Matter The Most


At Collaborative Construction Solutions, LLC we are committed to provide the safest possible work site for our employees, employees of subcontractors, owners and the general public. It is our belief that all accidents are preventable, our goal is to send everyone home whole and healthy every day. To achieve this goal we have developed a safety program that outlines our commitment to a safe workplace, the main points of this program are:



Project Hazard Analysis - Prior to a project beginning the corporate safety director reviews the contract documents with the project team to identify potentially hazardous task, conditions, materials, or special training required to perform the task.



Activity Hazard Analysis – Prior to any work being performed for the day, the superintendent and/or foreman (safety officer on larger projects) will prepare an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA). With the AHA they discuss, with the crew, the hazards anticipated with the task, equipment needed to perform the task safely, and personal protective equipment to be worn. The AHA is signed by all and then posted at the site for the duration of the day.



Safety Orientation and Training - All new employees are required to go through our safety orientation program prior to starting work and all employees are given more specific training for complex or technical jobs. However our Safety Orientation does not stop there; on every project that we perform, no matter the size, we require any and all individuals that come on to our site take part in a Site Safety Orientation. Every project site is different and has different safety concerns, needs and different locations of safety supplies. The Site Safety Orientation allows

site visitors and workers the opportunity to learn all the safety aspects of the project, such as; location of the first aid kit, evacuation route, who is CPR trained and where is the nearest medical service.



Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program - Our drug and alcohol abuse program includes pre-employment screening, random testing, and post-accident testing. We also give extra consideration to subcontractors who have a similar policy in effect.



Collaborative Construction Solutions, LLC is working to ensure the safety of all personnel on our jobs. If you have any questions concerning our safety program or wish to see a copy of our safety program, please contact us at

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