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Quality -

Quality work is not just a goal; it is a mindset that must be used every day on a project. Our team is dedicated to ensure that we deliver quality results each and every time we perform a  project. We will provide you with a quality project no matter the size or complexity of your project. From hanging a door to constructing your building, we will meet your quality needs.


The management of Collaborative Construction Solutions, LLC will establish and maintain an effective construction quality assurance system to ensure that your project is completed to your set expectations. We will ensure that your quality standards are met through measures such as surveillances, audits, and inspections, as necessary.  To assist in ensuring that the planned work

 meets your requirements; inspection hold points are established and quality deficiencies are tracked through a non- conformance reporting program. This program ensures tracking and acceptable closure to quality deficiencies.


The Collaborative Construction Solutions, LLC quality approach couples formal methods, processes, and systems with trained, responsible employees and support staff to establish and achieve a high quality standard for project execution in all phases.  Our quality program provides a structured, reliable, inclusive approach for providing acceptable project deliverables that meet all technical, performance, schedule, cost, and quality assurance requirements. 

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